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Need to organize my ideas on the unpleasant subject of commercial publishers. Reposting it here to remind me of doing it.

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It probably sounds disingenuous of me to say this, but when I sat down to write a post about Elsevier I wasn’t really trying to start a campaign. My intention was merely to make public, and a little more rigid, a policy that I and many others had already been applying, in my case without much difficulty, for several years. The idea of setting up a website occurred to me as I was writing the post: I considered it (and still consider it) not as a petition to Elsevier to change its ways — since I don’t believe there is any realistic chance of that — but as a simple way to bring out into the open all the private boycotts and semi-boycotts that were going on, and thereby to encourage others to do the same.

By accident, the post seems to have been quite well timed. Probably it’s not…

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Mathematical Heroes…

I think I should stop worrying about not being a ‘groupie’ and start documenting meeting my mathematical heroes. Prof Kleisli just died and so have many others that I admired greatly for their work like Robin Gandy, S. MacLane and Max Kelly… Yes, a sign that I am getting very old, I’m sure. But I might as well collect a few photos…

Starting with Bill Tait and Grisha Mints.

Fotos de Vovo Aurea

What kind of work?

So, life is too busy for real work. just replying to email and urgent work requests seems to be as much as I can manage–even that is somewhat too much, some times…

still the urge to document what’s going on, to try to make sure that, indeed, there is an awful lot going on, persists.

cloning valerias seems a solution, shame a not feasible one.

Brave new world

I knew that I needed a work blog.

Don’t know how well this will work out, but I will give it a try.

After some real work is done.